Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Lust Have It!-July

Hello lovelies!

Finally Lust Have It's July box has arrived on my bed ready to give you my first impression.

My first impression? Very pleased compared to last months which was an utter failure which other LHI members also agreed to.
They must have realised that they had disappointed quite a number of people and stepped up their game to impress us again.

This months bag is a bright orange which brightened up my mood (since I'm sick with a cold in bed) and at first feel I could feel that it was jam packed with a lot of goodies to try.

So what exactly is in this months bag you ask? Lets open it up and see.

1. Baby Foot - Dead skin remover foot mask
 I am so excited to try this product. I have heard about these foot masks before where they gradually peel away the hard dead skin from your feet leaving them feeling just as it claims. Like baby feet.
I personally don't have a huge problem with dead skin on the soles of my feet but I still wouldn't mind trying it out to see if these things actually work.

2. Matrix Deep smoothing shampoo
3. Matrix Deep smoothing conditioner
Sample shampoos and conditioners are great to take away on holidays so I'll be definitely giving these a try when I go to Bali in a few months!

4. Mirenesse Velvet Lip Lift Moisture Shine
I've seen and heard a lot about Mirenesse make up but has never had the chance to actually try it out for myself. I want to know what all the talk and advertisement is about. I have yet to try a lip plumper yet so this will definitely be interesting. Thankfully its a nice deep pink colour too which means there is no excuse for me not to use it. I just hope it isn't sticky, I cannot stand sticky glosses.
5. Avene gentle eye-makeup remover
6. Avene Ystheal+ Cream anti aging
Avene products are quite well known for their products and again I have yet to try any of their products other than the face mist which I really like. Since my Makeup Forever eye makeup remover is nearly at its last bend I will definitely be using this. Hopefully it works well.
Anti aging products are always a welcome now I am at the age where I should be taking care of myself for a better future. HA.

I should get a move and try all these samples I'm receiving. They seem to be piling up and overwhelming me.

Ciao lovers xx


  1. I got mine today, and I love it. I got slightly different things to you though.

    This is my review of it


    1. oh really? Ill check it out right now! xx


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