Monday, 14 May 2012

Sasa Haul!

Hello lovelies!

Miserable Monday has come again but to lighten up my mood I came home to a package that I have been eagerly waiting for 2 weeks! Painful!

Sasa is a Hong Kong website that stocks the best beauty range at really good prices. They have a great variety of brands from all across Asia, America and Europe.

My most anticipated product was the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre Long wear luminous Eye Shadow in Fantasme.

I had stumbled across this product while eye shopping with friends at Myer(Australia's department Store) and could not take my eyes off the finish this shadow gave. It was mind blowing.
It is a very different texture to normal eye shadow as it is half creamy, half spongy and very light weight. It is very soft to the touch and glides on smoothly and spreads evenly. The colour is a white shimmery glittery shadow that is made to be sheer. Sheer in the sense that you can top it over your overall eye look and it will just bring the sparkle to your overall finish. I just cant say enough how beautiful it is.
Price: In Australia its $48 but on SaSa I got it for $33! Steal!

The second item is the Shiseido Eyelash curler.
I currently use the Shu Uemura curler but I've had it for almost two years now and have also gone through the second rubber refill. It is an extraordinary curler and I will purchase again in the future but I had heard a lot of good feedback about the Shiseido one so I thought Id give it a try. At the small price of $12 you cant go wrong. This curler also comes with a back up rubber rim so I'll be using this for quite some time.

However, first initial feeling was that it was a little flimsy to the grip. The Shu Uemura is very sturdy and well constructed but I felt the Shiseido one rattled a bit and felt quite cheap. After trying my first curl I feel it doesn't really fit to my eye shape. It may just be that I'm not used to it yet but curl seems good. Well see.

The last product is My Beauty Diary's Q10 rejuvenating mask pack. At $12 it comes with 10 sheets individually packaged.

 My Beauty Diary is well known for their great masks and wide varieties that cater to every need at a great price.
I chose this Q10 mask since it is the latest craze with studies showing that the co-enzymes that  help bring youthful subtle smooth skin and keep it healthy and fresh.
I have it on right now and it smells and feels wonderful. The mask itself is packaged well with a plastic backing to help prevent it from sticking to itself. There is enough serum to keep it nicely soaked and the mask itself is very soft and relatively thin so it doesn't feel heavy when applied.
Being the Asian I am I felt the rest of the serum that was on the plastic backing and inside the package was a waste so I lathered it all over my arms. LOL.

My skin feels very soft and smooth and is very moisturised. I will be buying more different ones in the future.

Ciao lovers! :) XX


  1. Great haul!! Sasa is my favorite beauty place to shop at every time I'm in Hong Kong.. Im almost there everyday..Haha


    1. So you currently live in HK? I really want to go and just shop for beauty products! xx

  2. so you did end up buying the "D'Ombre"!

    1. hahaha what the? what did you read diana lol

  3. I need to replace my shu curler soon too, Let me know how you like the shiseido one! It is easier for me to get my hands on that one now.

    1. it seems to be O.K... not as good as the shu but i guess you do save a few dollars.