Thursday, 3 May 2012

ASOS haul! :)

Hello lovelies!

If you don't know already I'm a sucker for online shopping whether it be makeup, skincare, nail stuff and especially fashion.

I decided to put through an ASOS order since I had received a gift card from my lovely friends for my birthday a few months ago.
If you don't already know what ASOS is, it's a UK fashion website which stocks great up-to-date clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and even make up at affordable prices. I love this site because it has a wide variety of great things and with free shipping what more could you ask for.

This order is my most impressive order by far and I'm really happy with the quality of the clothes and jewelry and the sizing is just right! PHEW!

1. ASOS Metal Collar Necklace & ASOS Triangle Collar Necklace (12 Pounds)
 Collar necklaces are SO in right now so I had to take advantage of the sale and get some to dress up my shirts.  Both are pretty sturdy and very pretty when topping of a collar shirt

2. ASOS shirt with scallop contrast detail
I'm pretty obsessed with shirts these days and especially sheer shirts to wear over a singlet gives a more feminine touch to your wardrobe.
This shirt is definitely an eye catching shirt with its contrast scallop detailing all the way down the button seam giving it an edgy but feminine look at the same time. Material is surprisingly stretchy and soft so creasing wont be much of a problem. Black and white can never go wrong together so really, this shirt is just awesome.

3. Vila knitted jumper in cable knit with pockets.
Finding the right jumper is pretty hard for me cos they're either too thick or too thin or too short or too long.
I just wanted a jumper where I can wear on top of a shirt to poke out the collar and dress with any bottom.
This jumper was just what I was looking for with the added bonus of pockets. I love pockets.
It's really cute with its pattern detailing and soft off white/cream colour and pockets on either side to tuck your hands away when it gets chilly.

4. Vera Modo mini skirt in textured jersey.
Skirts is something that I don't normally wear because I just feel that they're just getting shorter and shorter and I can never find the right length. But with winter landing on the Aussie doorstep I can now dress skirts with stockings and not feel so conscious about feeling that its too short.
I initially chose this skirt thinking it was bright red but it seems to be more on the orange/red side which is still O.K. The material is soft and stretchy so you wont feel restricted while walking.

I cannot wait to wear these new buys. Love them !!!!!

Ciao lovers! xxx


  1. omg I love the shirt with the black & white contrast! Really good purchases^^ X

  2. such cute necklaces! that top looks really fun, kind of circusy but classy haha.

    check out my blog!