Friday, 1 June 2012

Lipstick Battle!

Hello lovelies!

Todays Lipstick Battle is about the IT colour "Orange"

Orange has been popping up in the fashion and beauty world here and there but it has never brought through such a buzz until recent times. Fashion make up has been all about Orange whether it be the eyes or the lips and it is a delightful change from the typical nude/pink/reds.

 Top to bottom
- Rimmel London
- Revlon
- Makeup Forever
- Tony Moly

I have a few orange lipsticks in my collection so I decided to do a show and tell on each one.

1.YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) Rouge pur Couture Glossy Lip Stain: No.7 AUD$50
One of my favourite lip products by far. This YSL lip stain shook the beauty world with the new and innovative formula which acted as a lip stain/gloss/stick all in one. There are 18 colours and are all very beautiful colours. You need to put at least 2 coats for the actual product to do its work. The first layer is applied and patted into the lips to sink in and stain the lips. The second coat acts as the gloss to keep it shiny and vibrant. It is not sticky at all and is actually moisturising and very soft. Its a cream type formula so it does not bleed into the fine lines. I need to buy more. Soon.

2. Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter: Tutti Frutti AUD$22
I have already done a post on Revlon Lip Butters here so Ill keep it short and simple. I like this a lot.
Not a lot of work needed. Just swipe like a normal lip balm, feel the moisture, see the colour, ENJOY!

3.  Rimmel Colour Showoff Lipstick: Tell No One
There is a post on this product also so Ill keep it short and simple again.
It is a bit drying so its quite matte. You may need to apply a balm beforehand. The colour pigmentation I do not need to question. The fragrance is delightful and there is no taste.

4. Makeup Forever Rouge a Levres Lipstick: 402 Transparent
Let me give you a heads up with this lipstick. If you want anything that is light and creamy, make sure you exfoliate your lips! This lipstick enhances every crack and peel so be warned! The formula itself is moisturising and creamy but I regret buying this lipstick. The colour is streaky and blotchy and is not opaque. I do want to try other lipsticks from Makeup Forever though.

5. Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick: Milky Peach
Tony Moly is a low budget Korean make up brand that is well known for its great products and great price. I haven't tried many of their products before but when my friend came back from Korea she brought over this lipstick for my friends and I to try. I picked out the peach colour as I don't gravitate to pink so much.
This lipstick also needs a nice smooth base to be applied to. Any cracks and peeling will be defined immediately. The formula is also a little drying on the lips which enhances everything a lot more.

Ciao lovers xx


  1. Ahhhh!!! I should have not read this! LOL Now, I wanna buy all of them.. >.< :P


  2. Cool. :)) Tony Moly Kiss Lover Lipstick: Milky Peach looks good on you! I want something like that too. :( If only I could buy it here. LOL.

    xx, K <3

    1. I know.. I wish i could get more stuff here too :( xx

  3. I love the orange lipstick trend^^ The Rimmel one looks good on you, bright and bold! X

  4. beautiful! I need a coral lipstick so badly too xoxo

  5. AHHHHH why did i have to read this haha i've been eyeing a few orange tint lipsticks


  6. They all look lovely on you! Coral lipsticks will definitely make its way to my lipstick collection now, hehe. Thanks for the post! :D

    1. its all good! let me know what you get! xx

  7. I am obsessed with the colour orange at the moment. I can't seem to get enough of it. My favourite out of the ones you showed are definitely the Revlon and TonyMoly ones. I need to get my hands on those.


  8. I've given you an award on my blog! Check it out! :)) xx, K <3

  9. Based on the pictures above, i liked the last best. I am not a fan of lipstick/gloss with brushes. They seems too hard to apply.

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