Friday, 8 June 2012

Nail It! :)

Hello lovelies !!

Hope everyone is having a great week despite the cold and wet weather in Sydney. If your anywhere else around Australia or the world.. HELLO! :)

A new discount store opened up at my work area so I went to check it out and found LA Colours cosmetics on sale. I have heard a little bit about this brand but not anything substantial to know whether I should purchase some items or not.
I decided to get this nail polish instead which was something that I was looking for since the Deborah Lipmann Happy Birthday nail polish cannot be found in Australia and its pretty expensive.

Although I have yet to try any Deborah Lipmann polishes I know for a fact that they are outstanding in opacity even though it is a glitter polish. Even though you get what you paid for when it comes to cheap products, when its $3 a bottle it was not too shabby.

I applied a nude base coat on first to ensure I got the colours to pop more rather than applying it straight onto bare nails.

I have received quite a few compliments already but I personally don't know if I like this look 100%. I think I'll give it a go with a different base colour.

Overall, I had to fiddle around with the brush in order to grab the larger glitters but once you get the hang of it, it looks O.K. I didn't want to apply too many coats otherwise it would get too thick and take too long to dry.

There was quite a few different colours which I will be picking up soon to try out.

Ciao lovers xx


  1. Your nails look amazing with the glitter polish :) I always have a hard time finding a good glitter polish :p

    1. yeah, a good glitter polish is hard. Revlon glitter polishes are really good !x