Sunday, 27 May 2012

Review It!

Hello lovelies!

Since I've been receiving my Lust Have It packages, I have been trying to use all the products to bring you reviews of my experiences.

Aprils LHI package included EmerginC's Kombucha Cleanser and Phytocell moisturiser. I think I was supposed to get the Phytocell Detox Mask as well but instead I received two moisturisers so I wont be able to review the mask. Sucks.

EmercinC uses natural botanical ingredients that is used in top spas world wide. 

The Cleanser is a clear gel type formula with a nice citrus fragrance that makes cleansing time delightful. It claims to deeply cleanse the skin to remove environmental pollutants from the skin.
It doesn't remove make up but after the initial removal of make up your skin feels very fresh and moisturised after only one use. It does not foam up so don't expect a bubble explosion. I used it with my clarisonic and was surprised to see no bubbles so I just massaged the product into my skin with the next use and worked well.
 It would have been better if the samples were a little bigger so I could really get a good idea of the product but overall it is a pretty good cleanser.
Full size: 120 mL $44

The Phytocell moisturiser is made from grape stem-cells to revitalise and renew skin.
I really like this product. The white cream type formula is moisturising and sets into the skin almost immediately. It would work well for a morning moisturiser rather than night time since I prefer a heavy based moisturiser.
This product also has a citrus fragrance but is not overwhelming so your face doesn't feel like an orange at the end of the day.
Would I purchase the full size? Probably not. It's a great product but for the price I could get something just as good for way cheaper.
Full size: 50 mL $105

Ciao Lovers :) xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mini Haul!

Hello lovelies! :)

I recently popped by my local Target as I waited around for my waxing appointment and decided to purchase a few goodies from Essence.
Essence is a German cosmetic brand that provides very affordable items that are high in quality and up to date with the latest trends.
You can get Essence from any Target in Australia. Yes once again we are a bit slow with new current stock but they try their best to bring it up to date!

I recently watched a review online about the Essence Vampire's Love Eye shadow palette (Love at first bite) and the mascara volumising lash powder

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Review It!

Hello lovelies!

Gosh it feels as if I haven't put up a post in a while! Sorry for the laziness/no time :(
I'll make sure to keep up the good work to bring you informative reviews and posts!

Today's mini review is on the Biore Skin preservation - Even Smoother microderm exfoliator.

 I snatched this little goodie a few weeks ago for $5 when my work colleague told me that Priceline was having a mini sale on selected products at the front of their store.
I quickly went at lunch time but was pretty disappointed at what they had to offer so I decided to purchase this exfoliator as I had run out of my Queen Helene's scrub.

At very first glance I didn't know what to expect but I am very impressed with this product!
It comes out a white cream formula that doesn't seem to have any scrub like features but I was wrong. The whole formula is made up of very finely ground exfoliators that helps to cleanse and take off the dirt from your face. To some people it may be a bit harsh as it is quite an intense scrub but I personally like a deep clean. All you do is after wetting your face, squeeze out a pea size amount onto hand and massage around face concentrating on large pore areas. Wash off product and your skin will feel smooth and polished just as it claims.

I don't use it everyday as it can be a bit too harsh since I also use my Clarisonic on a day to day basis.

If your looking for a inexpensive but awesome exfoliator then why don't you give this one a go!

Ciao lovers xx

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nail It! :)

Hello lovelies!

I promised in my last Nail It post that I would show I did the design for my other nails.
I was contemplating whether I should do a video or not but it was late at night so I just took pictures of each step. Its not hard at all so don't worry!

Things you need
- main colour
- glitter polish or glitter nail art pen (if you don't have a glitter pen then just use a steady hand and a thin brush or tooth pick to paint on thin line)
- base coat
- top coat
- optional: french tip guide stickers

1. Apply base coat to protect your nails

2. Apply your chosen colour to 1/3 of the tip of your nail until you get an opaque finish. (if you aren't comfortable doing free hand you can use french tip guide stickers that are available on Ebay or most chemists/stores)

3. With a steady hand, paint a thin line of glitter polish at the end of the polish which was painted. (as I said previously, if you don't have a nail art pen or thin brush glitter polish just use a toothpick or thin brush and dip into glitter polish and draw thin line)

4. Wait for everything to semi dry and then apply top coat.

I ended up putting some OPI silver shatter polish over the purple since it was my recent purchase and I wanted to test it out.

Hope you enjoyed this mini tutorial!

Ciao lovers xx

Monday, 14 May 2012

Sasa Haul!

Hello lovelies!

Miserable Monday has come again but to lighten up my mood I came home to a package that I have been eagerly waiting for 2 weeks! Painful!

Sasa is a Hong Kong website that stocks the best beauty range at really good prices. They have a great variety of brands from all across Asia, America and Europe.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nail It!

Hello lovelies!

This weeks nails are inspired by the current trend that is stirring up controversy across the beautysphere!

Caviar nails have been a big hit for some time now where people used micro beads to create the fantastic look. Ciaté (UK nail polish brand) have also jumped onto the band wagon and produced DIY kits where you can create this funky design for a hefty price tag of around $30AUD.

I on the other hand has stepped away from this and followed many other nail gurus and simply purchased some micro beads from Ebay for a little fee of $3.

For this nail tutorial all you need is
- base coat
- a nail polish you desire
- micro beads
- top coat

Its really quite simple.
1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 1 coat of your designed nail colour
3. Apply another coat of the polish.
4. Before it dries, dip your nail into the beads so they stick onto the nail. You will need to fill in some gaps that weren't covered by just sprinkling on some beads.
5. Press down beads into nail polish and into place.
6. Once nail is covered, apply top coat to either the tip of nail, around the rim of nail, or over the whole design. ( I want for all over and I wont be doing this again as it takes away the bubbly effect)

And your done!
Seriously for $3 you cant go wrong compared to cashing out $30 for this cheap and effective nail art design!

*Ill be doing another nail tutorial on how to do my other nails!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Lust Have It! - May

Hello Lovelies!

May has now arrived meanings its time to receive the May Lust Have It package which did indeed greet me when I came home from work.
I had received a tracking email telling me it had been delivered so I was very eager to get home and rip it open!

The may package came in a nice hot pink bag and the first thing that hit me was the scent. As I unzipped the bag a strong smell of spearmint which I thought was toothpaste lingered throughout the bag.
Turns out it was a block of soap from Lush. I..LOVE lush products and gosh was I excited to see the paper packaging. I quickly rummaged through everything which totaled in 7 products this month. YAY!

So in no particular order here are the things I received.

I am VERY happy with the products I have received, especially the Dirty Soap and Bioderma makeup remover which I've been wanting to try for ages! I would have liked to receive the ModelCo lipstick instead of the lipgloss though.

I have product overload on my table so hopefully I can try all April and May products out so I can give some in-depth reviews.

Ciao Lovers :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Review It!


Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week where ever you are in this world.

I had just finished my Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment at last! It took me forever to finish this thing.
One reason being that I wasn't too fond of it and second is because....well... when it comes to skin care I am majorly lazy. Yes yes I know that we are at an age where skin care is crucial and we need to prevent the future wrinkles from burrowing into our skin. BUT................ its just such a tedious step to take every day/night.

Anyways, back to my eye cream. I had initially bought this with a friend thinking that it was going to be good. Why? Because the stupid counter chick said it was really good and moisturising and will prevent wrinkles and all that jazz.We were stupid enough not to research for ourselves and bought it thinking she had her facts straight.

In reality this eye cream is very moisturising indeed, so much so that you can still feel the residue left over when you wake up the next morning. I never need to worry that my eyes will dry out but whats the use of that? I need to PREVENT wrinkles.

I didn't see any signs of minor wrinkles disappearing or dark circles being prevented (although I don't really struggle from dark circles to begin with).

So long story short I am never going to buy this product again.
Younger girls around the late teens should consider this as they don't really need to worry about preventing wrinkles as yet so this will keep the area moisturised and well maintained.
However for us older girls (sigh) it does nothing at all. Just.....moisturise.

I am now trying out the Lancome eye serum that was given to me as a gift when I signed up to Lust have it so well see how we go on that one!

Ciao Lovers! :)

Monday, 7 May 2012

The Versatile Blogger - Nomination!

Hello Lovelies !!

I am so thrilled to have been nominated for "The Versatile Blogger" award.
Thanks to Katherine from The Hidden Storybook!

So if you do not already know, if you get nominated for this award you need to follow a few rules to keep it flowing!

Rules of the award:
1 - Nominate 15 fellow bloggers who are relatively new to blogging
2 - Let them know you have nominated them
3 - Share 7 randoms facts about yourself
4 - Thank the bloggers who have nominated you
5 - Add the Versatile Blogger Picture to your blog
First of all, 7 random facts about me.
1. I hate maths, yet I work at a bank.
2. I am double jointed on my arms 
3. I have 6 piercings
4. I don't like lamb
5. I have stitches on my scalp from when I was young, slipping in the bath tub :/
6. I am Asian yet I cannot eat very spicy things 
7. I have pretty small feet considering my height - 167cm and size 6 1/2~7 in shoes.
(gosh that was harder than I thought) 
Now for the 15 bloggers I nominate!
Ciao Lovers! :) xx

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lust Have It! - April

You cannot be a beauty fanatic without being subscribed to the latest craze - Sample box packages.

Lust have it is Australia's Birch Box/Glossy Box ($15 monthly subscription) and it is becoming a very big hit amongst Australia's beauty gurus. If you don't already know what this is all about, Lust have it and all the other brands provide customers the chance to try 5 or so sample size (and sometimes original size) products without having to feel the pressure of purchasing products and not liking it. It also gives a chance to try new products that you wouldn't bother looking at.

Most Aussies can agree with me that we are quite slow with everything beauty. Late with new products, with new launches, new brands, EVERYTHING.
But I must say that when it came to this sample box craze we didn't fall far behind. From what I know there are four companies that are providing us this service.

Lust Have it and Glossy Box formed one company, I Love This Box, Bella Box, Beauty Basket.

Out of these providers, Lust have it caught my eye the most and I have always been on the lookout of their boxes each month just to get the idea of how good their quality really is.
I got an email recently telling me that if I subscribed to them this time I would get two Lancome gifts worth $220. What did I do next? Of course I subscribed. HA.

Review It!

Today's product review is on the Priceline facial wipes I received in my gift bag a few weeks ago.

Priceline nourishing facial wipes claim to 'cleanse, tone & moisturise without drying. Enriched with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera', these wipes are... lets say O.K.

I haven't tried out that many facial wipes in the past but I know for a fact that there are better ones out there.

I've used it every day so far and from what I've experienced they do hold a lot of moisture keeping the skin soft and gentle. However, they do not do the job of removing tough make up like waterproof eyeliner and mascara.
I removes face make up and a bit of eye shadow but I definitely wouldn't feel clean sleeping on it.
I did try taking off everything I could but I had to rub quite vigorously which was tough.

Overall, I wouldn't purchase these wipes after finishing my packet as they do nothing for me.
If you want to use it to freshen up your face after cleansing then this may do the trick but other than that I wouldn't bother giving it a go.

Rating: 3/10
Packaging: 8/10 (Pretty much all facial wipes packaging are the same)

Nail It! :)

Hello Lovelies!

Glitter can always lighten up a girls mood.
The sparkle and shine always catches the attention of others and attention grabbing nails is what I love!

This nail art can enhance any look for any occasion whether it be a wedding, function, dinner or just to bring some bling to your nails.

I have detailed step by step on how I achieved this nail art. Enjoy!

 Products used: Essie Protein Base Coat, Essie Sand Tropez, Saly Hansen Insta-Dry, Hexagon glitter, clear rindstones, tweezers.

1. Apply base coat to your nails to protect your natural nail.

2. Once base coat is dried, apply two coats of your preferred nail colour. In this case Essie - Sand Tropez

3. Wait till polish dries and coat each nail with top coat. Before the top coat dries, dip in preferred nail into glitter and remove excess.

4. Wait for top coat to dry on all nails and then apply another coat of top coat to the glittered nail. Once dried, dot on a few drops of nail art glue to nail and stick on rind-stones to nail.

5. Apply a few coats of top coat over rind stones, wait till dried.

6. Finish!  

Thursday, 3 May 2012

ASOS haul! :)

Hello lovelies!

If you don't know already I'm a sucker for online shopping whether it be makeup, skincare, nail stuff and especially fashion.

I decided to put through an ASOS order since I had received a gift card from my lovely friends for my birthday a few months ago.
If you don't already know what ASOS is, it's a UK fashion website which stocks great up-to-date clothing, shoes, accessories, bags and even make up at affordable prices. I love this site because it has a wide variety of great things and with free shipping what more could you ask for.