Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Review It!


Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic week where ever you are in this world.

I had just finished my Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment at last! It took me forever to finish this thing.
One reason being that I wasn't too fond of it and second is because....well... when it comes to skin care I am majorly lazy. Yes yes I know that we are at an age where skin care is crucial and we need to prevent the future wrinkles from burrowing into our skin. BUT................ its just such a tedious step to take every day/night.

Anyways, back to my eye cream. I had initially bought this with a friend thinking that it was going to be good. Why? Because the stupid counter chick said it was really good and moisturising and will prevent wrinkles and all that jazz.We were stupid enough not to research for ourselves and bought it thinking she had her facts straight.

In reality this eye cream is very moisturising indeed, so much so that you can still feel the residue left over when you wake up the next morning. I never need to worry that my eyes will dry out but whats the use of that? I need to PREVENT wrinkles.

I didn't see any signs of minor wrinkles disappearing or dark circles being prevented (although I don't really struggle from dark circles to begin with).

So long story short I am never going to buy this product again.
Younger girls around the late teens should consider this as they don't really need to worry about preventing wrinkles as yet so this will keep the area moisturised and well maintained.
However for us older girls (sigh) it does nothing at all. Just.....moisturise.

I am now trying out the Lancome eye serum that was given to me as a gift when I signed up to Lust have it so well see how we go on that one!

Ciao Lovers! :)


  1. Hopefully you can find a product that works!;D When you do, let me know about it.Haha I need to start taking care of my eyes too..;)

  2. I was always cautious about this product for some reason.. I like ester lauder eye creams the best~