Saturday, 12 May 2012

Nail It!

Hello lovelies!

This weeks nails are inspired by the current trend that is stirring up controversy across the beautysphere!

Caviar nails have been a big hit for some time now where people used micro beads to create the fantastic look. Ciaté (UK nail polish brand) have also jumped onto the band wagon and produced DIY kits where you can create this funky design for a hefty price tag of around $30AUD.

I on the other hand has stepped away from this and followed many other nail gurus and simply purchased some micro beads from Ebay for a little fee of $3.

For this nail tutorial all you need is
- base coat
- a nail polish you desire
- micro beads
- top coat

Its really quite simple.
1. Apply base coat
2. Apply 1 coat of your designed nail colour
3. Apply another coat of the polish.
4. Before it dries, dip your nail into the beads so they stick onto the nail. You will need to fill in some gaps that weren't covered by just sprinkling on some beads.
5. Press down beads into nail polish and into place.
6. Once nail is covered, apply top coat to either the tip of nail, around the rim of nail, or over the whole design. ( I want for all over and I wont be doing this again as it takes away the bubbly effect)

And your done!
Seriously for $3 you cant go wrong compared to cashing out $30 for this cheap and effective nail art design!

*Ill be doing another nail tutorial on how to do my other nails!


  1. I like this post.. I want to try the Ciate nail polish too but it's too expensive..I will try these microbeads on ebay.. :D

    1. Yeah. its such a waste of money! Ebay is the way to go! x

  2. looks amazing! xx

  3. Really want to try caviar nails now^^ Also like the design of your other nails :) X