Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lust Have It! - August

Hello lovelies!

I am so very sorry for the lack of posts these past few weeks.
I have just been so busy with everything and it does not seem like its going to get any better with big things coming up in the next two months with my close friends wedding (I'm a bridesmaid!) and my holiday to Bali! (WOOHOO!!!!!)

Anyways back to the real reason for this post.
It's that time of the month again - LHI box revealing time!
This month is quite different as first of all, the packaging was not the same. No beautiful make up bag but a white box wrapped in a black ribbon. I did not know it was from LHI until I opened it up.
Secondly, it was LHI's first birthday so I had received an extra goody inside which brightened up my day!

So here are the contents

 I am once again impressed with this months box as they have included products which are worth while trying out and using.

The Tigi shine blaster will be used religiously since winter has dried my hair a little.

The Appelles products smell amazing so they will be a delightful treat to use on my body.

The ModelCo black eyeliner is always a useful necessity in any girls makeup collection.

I am very keen to try Marc Jacobs Dot perfume which has yet to be released in Australia.

I was a bit confused with the TanGo cloth since I at least expected a tanning product to go with it but there was no other products remaining. It also claims to be a great makeup removing cloth so I'll try it out since I don't use fake tan.

The last extra surprise were these lovely pearl earrings valued at $80 from Stylerocks.com.
It was very nice for the LHI team to have included such an amazing gift as it shows that they really care and appreciate the support that us subscribers have been giving them. Well done LHI on a great year and many more years ahead!

Ciao lovers xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Nail It! :)

Hello lovelies!

I'm back with another nail it post!

This week I have been sporting the leopard print look which I have been wanting to try for a while.

I didn't realise how easy it was to achieve the look until I actually tried it and my gosh its easy.
I used red and silver accent colours and put leopard details on my middle finger only.

Leopard prints are very easy to do. Just roughly dot your nail with any colour and get a different colour and use a dotting tool or tooth pick and draw brackets around each dot. The aim is not to get perfect shapes so just it with ease. 

Ciao lovers xx

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Nail It! :)

Hello lovelies!

After trying so hard to get good designs onto my nails from the stamping kit I purchased recently, I had given up trying to do it on my left hand.

So I opted for a quick and easy gradient look instead.

Products used:
Base Coat: Essie Ridge filler base coat
Colours for gradient nails: Models Prefer Tall Poppy, Show Off
Top coat: Essie Super Duper top coat
Makeup Sponge

I used a bright apple red and orange and created a nice sunset/sunrise gradient look.
As I showed in my previous gradient tutorial it is so simple anyone can do it without breaking a sweat.

I just love this effect that I'm planning to do this with all the colours I own.

Ciao lovers xx

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Battle of the products: Cream shadows! Part 2

 Part 1 can be found here!

Benefit Creaseless cream shadows were bought at an online site which had Benefit products for sale. I purchased a cream shadow in Slippin & Dippin since it was the only colour being offered.
I enjoy using this product a lot as the pigmentation is a lot stronger than the MAC Rubenesque shadow.
It is more on the golden side and works as a great base to act as an underlying sheen to the lids.
Since my skin tone has yellow undertones, these sorts of shadows don't show up strongly on the skin therefore rather than a colour on its own I use it as a base.
The product itself is creamy and smooth, making it easy to work with and it spreads evenly on the lids.

Last but not least, the new craze of cream shadows by Maybelline has hit the shelves of Australia.
These are set to be the best in the lower price market that will do exactly the same job as high end products.
My verdict? Maybelline you are awesome.
These cream shadows blew me away when I received it from a friend who recently went to America.
Out of the colours that I wanted the most, she could only get her hands on two colours.

I received Bold Gold and Tough as Taupe. I really wanted Bad to the Bronze but it was apparently sold out everywhere so I decided to get it here but it is also sold out everywhere.

First of all the packaging is very sturdy. It is contained in a glass jar just like MAC and Benefit and holds a substantial amount of product.

Bold Gold is a little bit of a let down but is still very good quality. It blends well and if you wanted a subtle wash of gold shimmer on your lids this will do the trick. Since it is a cream shadow it will last on you all day unlike powder shadows. I personally like bold colours therefore I top it off with a gold powder shadow.

Tough as Taupe can be a bit intimidating for some people since it is a matte greyish colour that is quite pigmented. A little goes a long way and once you get the hang of blending it out, the finish is very natural.

If I was to choose which brand I like the best to worst I would have to choose Maybelline as the best because you cannot beat the price and it works so well. Worst would have to be Make up Forever since the formulation is quite hard to work with. The only upside to the product is that it is a waterproof formula so it would be great to use if your on a holiday.

I think cream shadows are a great way to keep your makeup looking fresh, bold and long lasting throughout the day. I will never do an eye look without using a cream shadows ever again.

Do you use cream shadows? If so which ones do you own?

Ciao lovers xx