Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nail It! :)

Yes yes, I need to change my nail polish every week without fail.
I get so bored of my nails if I don't change them regularly.
I will admit, I have a nail polish addiction and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was over at my friends house before heading out to hot pot (mmmmmmmmmmm) and my polish was chipping so I decided to do my nails since she had a range of different OPI colours.

I opted on a purple ombre look with each nail gradually darkening in shade.
I had a decent selection of purple shades to choose from so it wasn't hard to achieve the look.

OPI - Sweet Heart
           Rumples Wiggin
          Dim Sin Plum
          Overexposed in South Beach
          Siberian Nights

Its really simple. Just get five polishes that are the similar colour but different shades and paint from lightest to darkest. Very eye catching and fun!

Ciao lovers xx 


  1. I love this collection!!!!!!!!!!

    OPI shatter on top of these colour would be so pretty

    1. ooooo ! good idea!
      ill be applying shatter on this week! xx

  2. I really like Sweet Heart, Rumples Wiggin and Dim Sim Plum. I should paint my nails more! I always get so lazy.


  3. its a simple way to brighten up your mood xx

  4. All of this shades are lovely! x