Saturday, 28 April 2012

Mascara Me !

Hello Lovelies ! :)

Mascara is the topic for today and boy oh boy do I love a good mascara.
I have tried and tested a countless number of mascaras and there has never seemed to be the PERFECT ONE.
There have been a few really good ones, but there would always be a certain element missing to make it unbeatable from the rest.

My eye lashes are quite long but very flat and heavy meaning it was hard to keep a curl even after I curled my lashes. I didn't realise that using non-waterproof was weighing down my lashes and I would just assume that I would never be able to hold a curl.
Afters years of sighing over my flat eye lashes I found out that waterproof mascaras actually helped keep the curl and that I wasn't the only one out there with this problem.

What happened to my lashes after waterproof mascara? My life changed. HA. 

Today I have 3 mascaras to show you which I am currently using and loving for all different reasons.

1. Revlon 3D Extreme Mascara - Waterproof
 I had received this mascara with a gift pack and had stashed it away in my drawer since I was using a different one at the time. I recently brought it out and have been using it everyday since.
I don't know if its just my mascara because its been sitting for quite some time, but the formula is quite dry and thick and needs a light hand for your lashes to look good.
Drier formulas tend to be better as it holds the curl better and lasts longer without flaking off.
This mascara does flake a little bit but not so much to worry about.
The colour is pretty black but has a bit of a funky smell like permanent marker.
The brush is very unique as it is flat on both sides, leaving bristles only on either side and on the tip.
If not applied well, your lashes may turn clumpy and look unnatural.

 2. Covergirl Lash Blast Volume - Waterproof
This infamous mascara is loved by a lot of make up gurus across the world and I can see why.
Although the formula is a bit wet at first, as it gradually thickens it brings out the best in this mascara.
It combines volume and length plus holding a curl which is any girls dream. The finish is very natural as the actual wand helps to separate lashes but also give the boldness to each individual lash itself.
A few coats will help improve the look without having to apply false lashes.
The brush itself has plastic bristles and is very fat which may be overwhelming for first time users, but with a bit of practice it wont be a problem.

3. Clinique Lash Power Curling Mascara - Long wearing formula (waterproof)
 Clinique mascaras have a love hate relationship amongst beauty lovers and you don't really get to hear much about their mascaras as much as other products do either.
I don't think I have tried many mascaras apart from samples and to be quite honest I don't remember much about it meaning they weren't that great.
However, this one which was given to me by my good friend who didn't like it has been a great bottom lash mascara for me.
Why the bottom lashes only you ask? I feel the formula is a teeny weeny bit to light for me since I love the heavy lash look but for the bottom lashes it gives enough volume to help emphasize my bottom lashes perfectly.
Also, the formulation of this mascara is very unique as it is long lasting as its claimed to be but also when being taken off with remover or just water even, it seems to 'peel' off the lashes making cleaning a breeze.
Unlike other mascaras where it smudges and smears as you remove it, this one is like taking a layer off the lashes as if your undressing it.
The brush is thin with natural bristles and is curved making it easy for application under the eye.
I don't think I can live without this mascara for my bottom lashes.

Here are some photos of the mascaras applied
1. Bare lashes 2. Revlon 3. Covergirl 4. Clinique on bottom lashes

 I know there was a lot to read but I hope this somewhat helped you pick a mascara that might work for you. There are just too many types of mascaras to choose from and with new ones coming out every day it wont get any easier unless you have someone do the work for you.

Ciao Lovers xxx

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